by juststephen250

October 17, 2013, 9:28am

Well, feeling not well this morning due to that medicine I took last night. I’ll hopefully feel better by tonight. Enough about that…

This morning I am thinking about prayer and how I don’t pray anywhere even close to enough. It’s not just due to lack of time. If we are honest with ourselves, time isn’t a huge issue.

We could find time to pray even if we had to sacrifice doing some activity that we enjoy. For me though, it’s lack of motivation. It is also the fact that when I pray, or feels like it hits a concrete ceiling and bounces back down unheard, which I know isn’t the case. It’s Satan using one of his tactics from his bag of tricks that he uses every day to try and deceive us.

I’m going to try to pray more often. I challenge you, reader, to do the same. Hold me accountable if you want to.

This morning I’m specifically going to pray for Jesus to fill this spiritual void I’ve had. I’m also going to pray for a 19 year old teenager named Yves who had a heart attack yesterday. Also for those affected and trying to recover from powerful cyclone Phailin that hit northeast India last week.

I’ll probably post again later today.

Until then,


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