What should this blog be?

by juststephen250

October 17. 2013, 1:11 AM

I am debating what kind of posts I should make to this blog. I don’t want to make them too often as it would make the blog rather uninteresting.

I could simply combine them into a long daily posts, however it wouldn’t make sense depending on the topic. I’m guessing overall this blog will be rather random.

I anticipate that it will include what I’m learning from the word, spiritual struggles, general life updates and even pictures and reviews from restaurants I may eat at.

Expect random photos, thoughts, rants and ideas. I honestly haven’t the slightest what I will be posting on here. Expect the unexpected.


Like an angry cardinal that happens to be a geocache. You were not expecting that. I didn’t think so.

Have a great night folks. For the third time. Sorry about that. Insomnia. Gotta love it.