My day yesterday, as it’s past midnight

by juststephen250

October 19, 2013 – 12:34

Yesterdays trip went alright. Visited with my mother and an old neighbor that has known me since I was two.

Every time I go to a nearby city it is pretty depressing to see the run down home that my mother lives in. I always wish that I could get her a new place or something as she deserves so much more than what she has.

We are at John’a bbq Jamaican jerk city, however I couldn’t hardly eat it as it was too spicy.

The air conditioning didn’t seem to work and when we got there at 12:30 for lunch, we were the only customers. Everything seemed cheap and outdated. The only person working was the owner.

We both ordered fried chicken, rice and cabbage as I didn’t desire to try goat in a hole in the walk restaurant.

I used a Livingsocial deal so it was pretty cheap. Definitely not worth full price. As I mentioned before the spices were overwhelming. It was nice and hot, though. I would not recommend it for someone with good allergies, as everything is fried in the same oil, more than likely. This plate would have cost $10.



I’m not going to go into anything deep tonight as I’m exhausted. I’m using the mobile app to write this on my phone, which I have done for roughly half my posts so far.

Thursdays post on sin might have typos galore, but I’m not going to edit posts after writing them or at least try not to.

I supposed for prayer requests tonight I’d say for my health and depression as well as for my mother who is struggling to support herself and my brother.


Even weeds have their beauty.