Dreams and pralines

by juststephen250

Well, I had no idea what to write about tonight. Today was pretty uninteresting. Went to the flea market briefly, didn’t find too much so went home.

Onto the topic of this post, dreams.

It’s amazing what the mind can conjure up when you’re sleeping. I’ve had hundreds of dreams in the past, some I remember better than others. In some I’m running, in some it seems like I have the ability to choose what will happen. I am also able to feel pain in dreams quite often, which isn’t pleasant to say the least.

I’d guess that most of my dreams have been influenced by all of the media I’ve consumed. All of the books I’ve read, all of the movies I’ve watched. I’m certain that some vary depending on the mood I am in before I go to sleep. I’ll post three of my more weird ones that I’ve written down in the past. These three go back to 2010, quite a while ago. I’ll save the creepiest one for last. I didn’t record these very adequately or in-depth.

—— DREAM 1 ——

Pretty much we were in a large house or hotel, some sort of alien creatures, almost robotic were killing most everyone. They were smart, and some would stay in the closets or other places where people would try to hide. One shot from them, and you’re toast.

There was a strange storage room, larger on the inside than out, shaped like the symbol ] pretty much. There were a ton of people, as well as various creatures and tables filled with artifacts from different times in history. I remember taking someone in there for they could escape, however they were very klutzy and almost knocked down some 1487 vase, but I caught it. In the very far corner, there was some small innocent looking creature, that we were warned to stay out of the way of, as it’s not as innocent as it looks.

I was given some weapon to use against the creatures roaming the house/hotel, as only a certain type could penetrate their armor, however I moderately sucked at using it as it required three fingers to be able to use, which made it have to be held in a very awkward manner, which was difficult for me. It hadn’t been adapted for humans yet.

Somewhere in the dream, the doctor gets seriously injured and regenerates/changes into a hippie looking guy. I couldn’t believe how drastic the change was.
We ended up having to leave, so we escaped to outside of the building.

here were these strange reptilian looking creatures that stand up on their hind claws/paws and lick you. Pretty much pets. Apparently they’re from far in the past, but to ordinary people they just look like dogs.

We then fled to the Tardis, which is when I woke up.

This dream was obviously due to watching too much Doctor Who.

—– Dream 2 —–

I found myself waking up in a prison. I was given a paper with charges, the only one being possessing a gun, which I knew I didn’t do. My name was different on there too, which was the first sign that I knew something was slightly off, besides the fact I knew I didn’t even own a firearm.

There were several people in the section I was in, including one guy that was covered in nicks and scrapes. It was mostly glass for walls and barriers. There was one section that had a single sink another in the middle with a table and a few plastic chairs. A small room to the side had a few plain cots that were very uncomfortable looking, neatly made with clean white sheets. The fluorescent lights above kept on blinking as if they were at the verge of dying, however they remained on, sometimes blinking incessantly, sometimes becoming more stable for periods of time.

Some person came into the room, apparently associated with the prison where I was being held. When I asked for a phone call, they wouldn’t let me make one immediately, so I waited another day or two. There wasn’t really much to do. The quarters were so basic without any form of entertainment except counting how many times the before mentioned lights blinked. I had some odd conversations with the folk in there about why they were in prison, most were weird things that aren’t even illegal, perhaps like they were tossed in there just to get them put away.

One was like me, and didn’t even remember being in there, the last thing he remembered was being at home with his wife and kids.

The guard finally came back and I let him know that I’d need my medicine I take every few days, else I’d be pretty sick. Some guy I didn’t know, I think it was the one covered in nicks and scabs managed to get me out of that room and into another one with a computer.

I logged on Facebook and other sites I knew I was on and no-one was the same.

Everyone had different names, just slightly different than I knew them to be. My pictures were even different, I was older looking, with a longer beard and a mustache. Gruffier. Stronger looking. I then looked into a – and I did look like that. Not how I looked in my head, which is how I looked in real life or at least the memories that I had. I kept on checking different websites I’m registered on and every last one was different.

Even ones that were obscure that I’ve only used once or twice. Everyone’s names were different and each person looked slightly different than I remember, with different past events. Not significantly different, just enough that they didn’t seem real as I knew things to have happened differently

Example, instead of someone being named Joe Jordan they might of had the name John Jorden. I somehow managed to escape the prison, I think. I was suddenly out of there. I don’t recall how I got out. I don’t recall if I received help, or if I was released, which I figure I wasn’t as I was running, trying to get away. I even remember different buildings that I was running through.

For example, there was this huge tank of water or some liquid with two men in the middle. They were confused to how I got there, so I had to jump to the side, where there was a few inches of ledge where I could hold onto the top of the wall, and walk around to an exit. I managed to do that.

Then I jumped out of there into the entrance of another building. Somehow the doors locked, and I couldn’t get out, so I managed to avoid everyone in there, managed to get to what seemed to be a basement of sorts, and got out of a small window there that happened to be unlocked. It was one of those that’s right above ground level, so sunlight can still get in.

From there, I kept on hopping fences, climbing up those metal stairways that lead to the top of buildings, running down other ones until I got too tired to continue. I thought I was safe, but then I heard people behind me pursuing me.

I then ran into a large skyscraper that seemed to appear out of nowhere. I went to the elevator, which is broken, then I took the stairs. There wasn’t anyone in the building it seemed, at least not that I could hear, so I went back down the stairs and went out of the building. It had one of those rotating entrances, I forget what you call them.

I then nearby to a homeless shelter, because I thought I’d get some soup or at least some rest there. But when I opened the door, there was nothing but a brick wall behind it. A woman next to the door was laughing and saying didn’t you know that they’ve been closed for years? I keep on going roaming randomly.

I then woke in the dream up to find myself back where I started, but with full memory of being there before. I then woke up in real life, which was comforting as it reminded me of the movie, “Groundhogs Day”.

—— DREAM 3 ——

The aliens were paying humans to allow them to do experiments on them with the guarantee that they’d come back no worse than they left, so I volunteered.

Firstly, they had us go into antigravity units (tubes almost) with clear walls where you could see space. They inserted tubes which would continually circulate and recirculate your blood in and out of your body. I was able to move around pretty freely in this space, and I vaguely remember there being another human in the same tube/chamber. It was probably fifteen feet long by eight or ten feet high.

Not long after the process had started, I developed a 102.5 fever, which
they were able to calm down. I remember the tubes coming out a few times
erroneously, which wasn’t pleasant as they had to be reinserted.

The last part was an experiment with teeth. They basically removed all our teeth and then reinserted different teeth, which ended up being the teeth from some of the 5,000 other humans they were experimenting on, and they looked utterly horrible. I can remember every detail of them working on the teeth and in my mouth for hours including the sheer numbness and pressure of them working in my mouth for hours and hours.

They used some sort of blue light thing that would heal human wounds -much- faster than was normally possible.

I even vaguely remember them let us test pilot a few of their smaller space craft, with limitations as the weapons and other systems were locked out. They were primarily controlled with your mind, but there were a few aspects
that required actual touch.

The aliens themselves looked mostly human, but with a few significant differences such as the faces were oddly shaped and tinted, and they were somewhat shorter than most humans.

They could speak to each other telepathically and seemed to have some issues with talking verbally to us, as they hadn’t needed to use their voices in a very, very long time.

Towards the end, they did let us go back. However, they didn’t finish the process with our teeth and they didn’t give any sort of compensation as they had promised.

I then woke up.

Those are three dreams that I’ve recorded, pretty weird ones. I have normal ones all of the time, however rarely do I have them detailed enough that I can remember minute details. In the fuzziness between being awake and asleep, you can remember it all, but then, just as quickly, it’s gone.

Now, about the pralines part. My brother wanted me to make him a few.

I’ve been told by many role they are better than the local candy companies, I believe it as they we blech back when I could eat pecans.