by juststephen250

Sunday, October 20, 2013 4:30pm

Today’s service at church was about God’s grace. It’s something that I know I won’t fully comprehend on this earth and something I honestly at times have difficulty accepting.

My main personality issues are trusting people and gear of judgment, which I figure makes trusting God all that more difficult for me.

Here’s the cliffnotes on today’s sermon:

1) Grace: God doesn’t hold past against us. He doesn’t hold grudges.

2) Grace: God fights our battles for us.

3) Grace: God delights to answer his children’s prayers.

4) Grace: God takes bad things or our mistakes and turns them to good.

All of these are hard or impossible for our human brains to comprehend. That the God that created the universe is able, through the sacrifice of his sin, to forgive us of practically sporting in his face and telling him that we know better than he does by not obeying his word and sinning on a daily basis.

It boggles my mind. It’s just something that I need to work on fully accepting as the truth, as I’ve definitely best myself up too many times due to sin. Far too many times.

If I could fully do this, I wouldn’t have this constant guilt hanging over me from the sins of the past.

It’s precisely what Satan wants. I know I’m much less productive in my walk and in general when guilt is beating down on me like a freight train.

I suppose my prayer today is that we all would be able to more fully comprehend and accept his grace, for when we do that, I believe he will start on greater works within us than we have ever imagined.

I had planned on a longer post than this today, but it will have to be sufficient.

(written on mobile device)