Our electronics obsession

by juststephen250

10/22/2013 11:17pm (finished)

Well, I wasn’t planning on writing another post tonight, however I came upon an idea for one..

Just as soon as we left from Statesboro to go the rest of the way to Columbia, my smartphone died on me. It won’t get past the flashing Samsung screen as it keeps on restarting. I know that I could probably do a master reset, but then I’d lose everything, all of my photos, all of my contacts that aren’t stored on my SIM card and I’d have to reinstall all of my applications as well.

really, really don’t want to do that, so I’ll go to a T-Mobile store tomorrow, but I’m sure they’ll recommend the same thing as most of the employee’s at those stores don’t know any more than the typical smart phone user, some know even less.

I also can’t check my Gmail account while I am in Columbia unless I can get a password to authorize this computer to be able to, as I can’t check it on my phone as I generally do

Getting back to the point of this post, it’s funny how much we rely on technology these days. I’ve found myself wanting to play games and check my email and different websites myself since my smartphone died. I reach into my pocket and remember that it’s not working right now. I think about finishing that book, where I was at 92% before my phone died on me. I can’t do it as the phone isn’t working.

Do I need to read that book? No. Do I need to check my email? No. The several hundred spam emails I get every day can wait. There’s probably not a single useful one among them all, just random companies that I have signed up to email address lists or entered contests with years ago or random spammers that have acquired my email address through other means sending tons of pretty useless emails.

I know that technology is pretty much required for some, especially when it comes to college. It’s definitely convenient – we can search and know just about anything that we want to know in a few seconds. Instant gratification. We don’t have to go to a library and search through books until we find the correct one to find the information we need to know like they did back in the day.

I remember having to do that myself when I was younger going to Elementary school, but then shortly thereafter Windows 95 came out about we got our first ‘real’ computer and all of this changed drastically.

I sometimes wish that I could go to some remote location where technology isn’t needed, like one of those remote camps in the Arizona desert or wherever it is, that is in a communal setting where everyone contributes equally, working as a community where every person has their own purpose to fulfill and not have to worry about technology. Not have to worry about making phone calls as my friends would be right next door. Not have to hear about whatever “celebrity” got divorced six days after they get married. Not have to worry about credit cards or money as everything we need is farmed.

However, this is pretty much impossible to do these days especially since Uncle Sam demands his share of everything we possess.

I could see technology going so much further than it has already. I personally believe that it is getting too advanced – we don’t need to be creating artificial hearts and lungs from stem cells. That’s pretty close to pretending that we’re God. It would make too many people believe that there’s not a creator, if we, as humans were able to create organs ourselves out of stem cells and other genetic materials.

I can see in the not too distance future brain implants, where the information in the web is accessible with only a thought. I can see people sitting in cubicles their whole lives, connected to the internet that they consume for all of their life, only occasionally having to leave them to fulfill basic human needs, which might even be done for us – virtually interacting with others doing the same thing. It could be so advanced that every touch and smell seems real, but you’re just sitting in a chair and doing whatever you desire in a virtual reality world that you can control. It would be so addictive to many that some may not have even interacted with another human being in 20 years.

I’m hoping it won’t ever get that far, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened in the future. I hope that Christ comes before then, as in a world that you can control that has no real consequences.

This has really strayed significantly from my original post, so I’m going to end soon. I’m considering going on a technology break for a while. I don’t really need to check my email every day. I know how much I have in my bank account. I don’t need to sit on the computer for hours every day watching movies and TV shows that don’t benefit me or anyone else an ounce in the long run, except for advertisers and the creators of said shows. I don’t need to post a blog here every night, although it seems that I feel better when I do, at least mentally, even though I doubt many people actually read my random posts here. I also don’t need to check Facebook every day.

The world would be much more personal if instead of checking Facebook to see how someone is doing, we visited them if it was practical. Instead of sending them an email or sending them a Facebook message, we would give them a call. It’s not face to face, but it’s more personal than a text or a message. We’re just stuck in the convenience of the internet. I wonder how the world would cope if the internet were to suddenly go down.

Not very well, I know, due to the stock exchange and air traffic control, ATMS, banks, businesses and so many other things depend entirely on the Internet working. It sometimes scares me that we’ve built our lives and have entrusted our livelihoods on something that could possibly be taken away someday. A huge solar flare could arrive suddenly and fry all electronics, besides stuff that was severely hardened and prepared for such an occasion… Okay, now I’m really ranting.

I’ll see what they say about my “smart” phone in the morning, but I’m seriously debating not using a computer or my cellphone nearly as much. Perhaps it’d be better for me to downgrade to a flip phone. The plan would be half the price.

There would be less temptation to waste time on it. Sure, it wouldn’t do nearly as much, but it’d allow you to call and text, which is all I’d really need, even though being able to use Google, have a GPS map and other features are nice.

I’m seriously going to sleep  now, if anyone actually took the time to read through this rambling. I don’t think I really kept on one track in my mind tonight, as it’s running at full force, but I did the best I could considering the circumstances.

My prayer today for myself would be that the surgeon that I am scheduled to see next week would be able to find something out about my gastrointestinal health issues and that I would be able to simply clear my mind of junk that doesn’t need to be there and find clarity, which is something that I don’t have near as often as I would like.

Just Stephen