Columbia Day 3

by juststephen250

Oct 25 2013, 10:58am

Today is my last full day in Columbia. I leave tomorrow morning on a Greyhound back to Savannah. One day when I have my own vehicle I’ll come here myself to explore and to perhaps see a few of the state parks that are around here. There are so many geocaches in Columbia and surrounding areas that it’s not funny, however it’s impossible for me to access most of them from the relatively remote area where I’m staying at this week.

It’s been a pretty good experience. I’m trying to get over my medicine that I took last night now, hoping it will work for I might possibly feel like doing something other than rest or lie in the bed today, however the medicine is largely unpredictable. Had some pretty bad chest, arm and leg pains yesterday that seem to have subsided for the most part, minus my left arm is very numb, which is odd considering it’s usually the other.

This post is going to be very boring, as I have very little to update since last nights post as I have done nothing else, really.

Feel free to read my other blog posts if you haven’t and I’ll probably post again sometime tonight, if not definitely sometime tomorrow.