Camp and stuff

by juststephen250

Say, Nov 9, 2013 8:19pm

This weekend I’ve been at a teen camp to help out and be a counselor. It’s been a tiring but pretty good weekend so far.

The main subjects that are being taught on are grace, knowing if you’ve really accepted Christ as your savior (instead of simply playing the part) and tonight, biblical marriage. There has also been discussion on keeping away from temptation as it’ll only lead to actions and negative choices which will ultimately end in death.

I’m not going to hit everything tonight, but I’ll go on about what pops to the top of my head, coherent or not.

I know one of my largest issues when it comes to Christ is accepting grace. I’ve never been someone that likes to accept handouts or charity. God’s grace and Jesus’s sacrifice is the ultimate act of love and charity.

My issue is accepting what he offers and knowing that it is real. I live with the guilt and inward shame of every sun for a long, long time when if I truly understood God’s grace (which we never fully will) I would know that I’m forgiven and not be stuck dwelling on the mistakes of yesterday.

I hope I don’t, but it might be an issue that I struggle with for the rest of my days. I know I’m broken and that I sin on a daily basis and that I will sin every day for the rest of my life, as we as humans are sinful by nature.

I know that this camp is primarily for the teens that are attending it, but it is making me think as well. I wish that I had more events like this when I was a teenager, not just events where there’s worship, but the word is spoken, even the harder to comprehend sections without ashamedness or trying to avoid them.

I’m not going to write a list of my sins on this blog, but if I had a camp with people I knew cared and spoke the truth with as much honesty as is being done here, my life would be different. If I had been serious about learning and trusting Christ at 12 years old, which is the youngest any of the campers here are, I cannot imagine where I’d be today.

I want their lives to be better than mine has. I don’t want them to make the same stupid repetitive mistakes I have. I really hope that they leave with something tangible from this camp.

I’ll be praying for them and if anyone who is a Christ follower is reading this, I hope you will too. I don’t want any of them to go down the wrong road in life, although some undoubtedly will. I hope that this weekend will be eye opening for them.

We desperately need a new generation of Christians, especially with the media and law twisting and contorting peoples views on what is and isn’t right, such as legalizing gay marriage which will ultimately steer many in the wrong direction.

It’s obvious that the government isn’t going to do anything to help, just try to make more minority groups happy and complacent by going against the very book that the country’s constitution was based on, the Bible.

I am writing this from a bunk in a cabin at the camp. I am hurting too bad to stand up or walk much more today. If you want to pray for me personally, pray that I’ll have a clearer view and understanding of Christ and the grace that he freely offers to those who are willing to accept it. I also pray that I’ll be honest and open on this blog and somehow use it as more than a way to just post my thoughts occasionally, but as a way to honor God, as I really struggle with finding ways to these days. I could go on and on, but I’m going to stop now.