Apple is the devil

by juststephen250

11/16/2013 10:00pm

Whenever I meet someone that seems to think that Apple is the best thing since sliced bread, I tend to tell them about my theory about how Apple is an evil corporation, even though in reality, it’s no more evil than the rest of the electronics companies out there. I feel sorry for the workers in other countries that get paid pennies to assemble the products we use every day.

The story that I generally give people is based on Apple’s logo. It has a bite taken out of it. That represents the fruit in the Garden of Eden where Satan convinced Eve that the fruit was good to eat, therefore came the downfall of mankind into sin and corruptness.

So, pretty much Apple was there in the beginning conniving with Satan since the beginning and their product these days is the culmination of millennia of conniving and scheming, waiting for the day when technology would advance enough to bring their diabolical product into mass market, which they have succeeded in doing.

But no, I’m not insane. I know that this is completely and entirely false and that Apple has said it was to distinguish the logo from a cherry.

Honestly though, I just prefer Android and PC due to the fact they’re much more expandable and not as limited as Apple. You can easily replace the battery in PC or most Android smartphones, while you have to contact Apple and risk them denying you a battery replacement and it costing hundreds to fix the issue, while if your battery dies on an android, you can likely buy three of the batteries on Ebay and a charger for under ten bucks.

I carry around multiple batteries for I don’t have to worry about my phone dying. You can’t do that with an Apple product. If you don’t have an electrical outlet and a charger with you, you’re out of luck.

I guess I’ll get off of my soapbox about apple and talk about my day. i went to give my mother some clothes and took her out to eat for breakfast. The restaurant was decent, however the service wasn’t too well. I never received my bacon that I ordered and they never refilled the drinks. I understand that they were busy and probably understaffed as the decent sized eatery was packed, however it was still frustrated. They did take it off of the bill, which was good.

I ordered chocolate chip pancakes, which are pretty good when the chocolate is all melty. They were just as good quality as Ihop or other similar restaurants.

Tried to fix her bicycle for her, however the chain was rusted to no end, therefore it was impossible to fix. I might end up buying her a cheap one before too long as I hate how she has to walk to work in the morning every morning.

So, to talk about myself, I’ve been making it. It’s a day to day process that takes effort. today I haven’t been feeling too bad, just a bit depressed, however that is something that I have to struggle with continually. I’m trying to be more social and talk more freely to people, which is slowly happening. It’s not something that is going to improve instantly.

I am going to try to get up in the morning and go to church, however I have also had a lack of motivation recently, so I don’t know if I’ll feel up to it or not. I know I should go regardless, as I should always try to expect something positive to happen, even if I don’t believe it will.

My 26th birthday is next Friday – I’ll probably sit at home and not do much for it. I don’t really do much for my birthdays. Time seems to move pretty slow when you’re living between days, however after they’ve passed, the years seem like seconds. I don’t know how much time I have left in this world, and I need to find some way to make sure that I don’t waste whatever time I have left.

Before, we’d generally have a little cake with my grandmother and whatever immediate family that lived around here would visit, however since my grandmother passed away last year, I doubt we’ll be doing much of anything for any holidays. My father is always depressed about them, and I’m surprised he agreed to go to Columbia for Thanksgiving.

At any rate, I don’t have too much that I know to go into tonight. If anyone reads this (I don’t know if anyone does) and wants me to post about a specific topic, leave a comment or something. Otherwise, I’ll just keep on posting random posts now and then.