Birthday post

by juststephen250

11/22/2013 – 9:15pm

Well, today is my 26th birthday. I’m pretty determined at the moment to make this year better than the rest that I’ve had, as I’m tired of living life mediocrely. I’m tired of just sitting around and letting life slip by. The past thirteen years in particularly have been pretty non-productive. The same old going around in circles and going no-where fast.

Too much repetitiveness. Some changes, but not nearly enough. I’m going to try to make sure that this year, year 26 of my life, is different and better than the rest. How am I going to do that? I don’t know. Will I need help with that? Probably. Will I accept help when I’m so stubborn about being independent as much as I’m physically able? I don’t know that either.

One way or another though, year 26 is going to be different than my life thus far.

I was going to write something that would end up being pretty corny, perhaps 26 things I’m glad for in my life, or 26 things I’ve learned over the years, however I’ll stick with this for now.