Late night ponderings

by juststephen250

Nov 24 2013, 2:35am

I was talking to an old friend online the other day. It was great to hear and see that they we’re doing a lot between both mentally and physically than before, however what saddened me is when she said that she was an atheist. Sure, I knew she was unsure about religion, however hearing that directly put a sadness on my heart.

Sure, at times, especially when I don’t feel his presence I question if there is truly a God, however I have to realize that it is satan putting thoughts into my head.

Looking at the world around me, examining the miniscule details and the immense complexity of the world also shows me that there is no way that this Earth could be the product of two particles of dust running together and billions of years of evolution. It just doesn’t compute. That leads to the fact that there must be another explanation and the Bible is the only one that I’ve found that makes a shred of sense.

I’m not going on and on tonight. If you want to pray for me, pray that I’ll not linger in the past and the time I’ve wasted, but focus on the future as we never know how long we have left. Also, pray for my health. I’ve been feeling weaker and weaker and more drained every day it seems.