An update

by juststephen250

5/17/2014 – 1AM

I am here lying on my bed thinking about life, because I am in severe pain from my stomach and my chest is feeling weird. I debate in my head if my olive is worth anything, if I died tomorrow would I have accomplished anything in life…

But then, somewhere in the back of my head I hear a voice of reason that tells me that Christ has forgiven the many sins I commit on a daily basis and how his son was enough, however there is a voice that tries to be convincing and generally succeeds that tells me the opposite and causes me to doubt greatly and leads me into a pit of despair.

Right now, it feels that the latter is winning and my mind is in shambles. I really need to get it straightened out, as I despise feeling like this.

I am going to attempt to get some sleep for church in the morning so I hope everyone has a great night. Pray for me if you will, it’s most definitely appreciated.

just stephen