A random post about Apple

by juststephen250

5/18/2014. 9:30pm.

I’ll probably write two posts tonight, the first is about Apple. I’ll keep this short as technology talk is boring to some. (Not that anyone reads this!)

I recently came upon an Apple Ipad 3 that my brother no longer used. My old impressions of the Apple brand still stand firm for the most part, as the software is very proprietary, not very customizable and isn’t flexible when it comes to making any significant changes to the operating system itself.

As for what I do like about the Ipad 3 that I acquired.

I’ll list a few simple pros and cons.


Great quality screen

Decent audio

Quick processor, limited lag

Smooth graphic movement

The touchscreen is very responsive.



Only 16gb.

You can not add additional memory.

The button placement is very awkward.

The keyboard isn’t customizable and can make typing very slow and cumbersome.

It’s heavier than I’d like.

You can transfer files from your Ipad to your PC, but it’s a one way connection. You can’t easily transfer files from your computer to your Ipad.

No removable battery. This plagues all Apple devices though, not just Ipads.


Regardless, I see how it would appeal to those who want a product that is concrete in it’s foundation, that is near foolproof that would be almost impossible to destroy by misconfiguring settings and that allows you to reset the device to factory settings in a couple buttons if you decide to. However, for those seeking something more, something that you can bend to your needs and that you can have more control over yourself, I wouldn’t recommend an Apple product, as I don’t see their current structure changing any time soon, as they’ve been able to make huge profits with their current idealogy that they can figure out internally what they believe consumers want, create one product that they believe fits the demand, without worrying about those ‘few’ Android fans like myself that need something a little more customizable to adjust to our unique needs when it comes to a mobile or portable device.

I, personally, will stick to Android devices in the future. (Minus this Ipad that I’ve acquired)