by juststephen250

5/18/2014 9:40PM

I couldn’t really think of a more creative name for this post title than, ‘Thoughts’ as I’m rather scatterbrained tonight. I went out to eat dinner with a friend, where we talked about Christ and different ideologies and interpretations of different scriptures and verses in the Bible and their meanings.

I’ll be honest, I’m not used to talking about too much when it comes to the Bible. Sure, I know what it says, but deep down, like most people I believe, somewhere deep down I want to be able to interpret everything in the Bible the way that my head sees it, and modify it to fit my needs, which is exactly what Satan wants us to do, I’m sure.

This somehow brings my mind to an article I read previously about all of the statements that many Christians say that are very misquoted, as the full context is not properly understood. Here’s a link:

Regardless, I believe that tonight was good for me simply due to the fact it has my mind thinking in the right direction. Just being able to have a rael conversation with someone about Christ and the Bible starts synapses in my brain that aren’t often triggered by simply listening to a sermon.

It reminds me of how in Proverbs 27 it speaks of iron sharpening iron and sharpening other believers. I need to work on this. i definitely get more from small groups where you actually have the ability to talk than large sermons where someone is talking to hundreds of people and you simply listen, as you can receive feedback on your thoughts immediately rather than having to process whatever the pastor or speaker is saying and then apply it to your life yourself. The fact that I’m an utterly horrible note taker really doesn’t help that reality very much.

I am going to attempt to keep posting on here every few days, as I completely abandoned this blog for many months. I hadn’t even thought about it for a while until I got the domain name expiration reminder from my registrar, which really shows that it wasn’t being used.

I think that I am going to lie down or perhaps watch something online, or perhaps simply think for a while. This post is going to end up much shorter than I thought it was going to be, with a word count of only 400 or so, which is very short considering some of the small novels I have written before in emails and posts on various blogs and in random wordpad documents that I’m no longer able to find due to my lack of organizational skills when it comes to keeping hard drives and folders organized.

Now it’s 455.

Have a great night,

Just Stephen