Here I am again

by juststephen250

5 20 2014 12:15am

I am sitting here in bed like I do quite often, just thinking.

Today was rather productive, if I do say so myself. I went to both the cardiologists and gastrologists offices. The cardiologist did an EKG and echocardiogram. The EKG was normal, which I expected as they really don’t show that much regardless. I will know the results of the echocardiogram hopefully later this week. They are also going to do a stress test next Wednesday and have me wear a monitor for 21 days. I’m hoping that they will figure something out as I’m tired of hurting and getting out of breath and dizzy so often.

The gastrologists appointment went better than I was expected. He’s going to order a CT scan I believe of my small intestine and if that isn’t fruitful he’ll do a blood circulation test of the intestine, however that works. I think that when I told the receptionist that if he doesn’t do anything this time that there’s really no need for me to come back that she may of informed him of this statement.

I hope that they find something as I am also sick and tired of my stomach hurting all of the time, not being able to do much due to my stomach not working and having to take brutal medicines that give me three or four bad days and being constantly hungry every second of the day and simply not being able to eat. Even after I do eat and while I am eating I am still hungry. I don’t remember what it’s like hardly not to feel hungry. I contribute this to my stomach and body not digesting anything properly.

Spiritually, I’m in a bad place tonight, but I’m not going to go into it as I simply do not feel like it. I am going to to go ahead and get some sleep so that perhaps I will feel like going and doing something tomorrow, even if it is resting most of the day and then going to church tomorrow afternoon.

I hope that everyone has a fantastic night,

Just Stephen