Today… Well, yesterday

by juststephen250

May 23 2014 1:06am

Well, yesterday was very painful to start out for the first half of the day or so because of my medicine, it was so much worse than usual, which is saying a lot for me as I am mostly used to the pain that accompanies my stomach issues.

It seems that it got a bit better not long before I was going to get ready to try to go to church to help with the ministry that at I try to help with on Thursdays when I feel able, so that was some sort of I sign that I was supposed to be there, I suppose. It went pretty well, overall nothing over extraordinary. I then went to a college bible study class afterwards and enjoyed hearing the different seniors tell what they have learned over the past four years in college. I took a few notes and I’ll go over them another day.

What is also odd is that I was invited to participate in another small group study on Wednesday dafter noons, a day after the current small group study that I have been going to at the same time ended. I am going to. Try it out, who knows how it’ll go, but I’m going to give it a try and see. It’s a small group of on our of iLife, which ends good for me we function a good bit better in small groups than I do in large groups, tat lee east when it comes to communciating.

Tomorrow, we’ll, today, I’m not sure what I am going to do, it really depends on how I feel in the morning. If I feel as I do this moment, I probably won’t do a whole lot tomorrow. Considering it is Memorial Day weekend, everything is bound to be crowded.

I’m not going to make all of my posts about a particular topic, just whatever is on my mind at any given time. I don’t expect that many people I’ll be reading this regardless.

I hope that everyone has a good night,

Just Stephen