A random poem

by juststephen250

5/1/2014 12:50am

Filled with oppression by an enemy I can’t see
Satans tendrils crawl over me
Filling my mind with lies and dread
Thoughts of the past producing self hatred
He is powerful, that I can see
But he is nothing, compared to he who died for me
He can lure and tempt and try to deceive
Sometimes remain when I beg him to leave
Darkening my soul and bringing on shame
But when it comes to the end, only one thing remains
God is mightier, more powerful is He
Than this foul serpent who throws guilt upon me
Try as he might he shall not win
For God is the victor – he is my friend

I wrote this poem in two minutes or so, I know not why. It’s pretty bland but does show one truth that I fail to realize or acknowledge far too often, which is that God has already won the fight. I need to stop striving and simply do the best I can on a day to day basis and trust in His promises. Sometimes that’s easier said than done due to our fallen human nature. But persevere we must.

Just Stephen