3am this time

by juststephen250


Today, well, yesterday was an interesting day, I suppose. I went and had my heart monitor put on that I will have to wear for twenty one days. I hope that it’ll find something. I just have to wait until I feel particularly bad as I do fairly often and press the buttons to report it..

My mattress in a box came today. I don’t know what I think of it yet. It has to be better than my forty plus year old bed that I had before. I went to a Bible study. It went well, then I went and played an interesting card game called munchkins for a few hours. It’s pretty entertaining, but I’m a bit too competitive with games I think, especially when I think, but was not certain, that someone was cheating.

I also finished season two of 24. I didn’t like the way it ended because it seems like they skipped three years after the ending until the next season began. Ending a cliff hanger with events that happened three years later is not cool, not cool at all.

I’m having a good many issues physically and trying to get my head sorted out over many things that I’m too tired to go over right now, so everyone have a fantastic night if you can. Morning technically. Whatever.

Just Stephen