Another random post (I’m horrible at subjects/titles)

by juststephen250

6/14/2014 1:49pm

I just got home from a short meeting about the mission trip I’ll be going on a week from now. It should go well. However, I was just informed that there wasn’t enough room for me to volunteer at the camp that I thought I was going to be helping out at for a week. This is disappointing, as I’d already planned around it, however I guess it’s not God’s plan for me to be there this week, so I’m not going to try to worry about it too much.

Also, another thing I’m trying to work on is busyness. I don’t have the regular seven days a week that most people have. I have four or five full days a week that I’m able to do anything with. I presently go to Sunday morning service, a Tuesday night Bible study and a Wednesday evening small group and sometimes a Thursday night Bible study. I’m just trying on focusing on not doing too much or getting myself too busy. The point of small groups is to be able to connect and live life with the other people in the small group that you’re in. It’s much easier to do so when it’s a smaller group, at least for me, as when it’s larger I freeze up and I’m unable to speak, while in a smaller group setting I’m absolutely fine.

I’m just debating what to do right now. I’m just getting mixed signals from different people, so I need to figure something out for I won’t have to be stressed about it. I’m just not good at making decisions that will have a major impact on things, as I like to consider them thoroughly and I can be quite the worrier.

Regardless, I don’t know why I’m posting this, I just thought I would.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day.. I’m going to take my medicine and get some sleep for I might feel like going to church in the morning. I don’t know if I will or not – we’ll see.