Just Stephen

Month: July, 2018

First giant flush

Even though I’m hurting a seven on a scale of ten, they’re going to do a giant 500ml flush which is contradictory to everything I see online from various hospitals that recommend starting at 100 and increasing the amount every four days by 50ml.

I know that this is going to hurt like hell.

Dinner was inedible – a dry, over cooked hamburger with no condiments and rather dry and pasty Mac and cheese.


Still here

I will be in until at least tomorrow and the surgeon said I can remain for a few days if I need to. We will see how I feel, but if I’m feeling as rough as I am now, I don’t see myself leaving until Saturday.

I just forced myself to walk all four hallways and that exhausted me.

The only momentous occasion was this morning when both of my IVs popped within ten minutes of each other.

I also got to pet one of the therapy dogs named Holly, who is a standard poodle.

Here’s my inedible lunch, greasy microwave chicken strips and floppy microwave fries.

Not shown: permelted ice cream.

It’s getting real

Well, apparently I’m getting this done. I haven’t fully grasped it in my head, but we will see how it goes. I’ll be having the surgery tomorrow evening and today I will be having bowel prep at the hospital itself.

I’ve been told the surgery will likely take in excess of two hours as I have previous scar tissue from another GI surgery as a teenager.

After a couple tries, they finally got my IV in. There’s nowhere to go but forward from here.